Auto Loans

APR1 as low as 1.74%
Used < 4 Yrs Old
APR1 as low as 1.74%
5 Years & Older
APR1 as low as 2.74%

1 ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE, subject to change. Rate quoted on new/used up to 4 years old is for a 36 month term (other terms/rates available). Term for 60 months on 5 year & older vehicles. Rates and terms are determined when a loan is initiated. Full rates and disclosures


12 Months
APY1 0.45%
24 Months
APY1 0.80%
36 Months
APY1 1.10%

1 ANNUAL PERCENTAGE YIELD. Regular certificates require a minimum $1,000 deposit. Full rates and disclosures

Credit Cards

Visa Platinum Rewards
APR1 9.9%, 12.9% or 15.9%
Secured Reward Visa
12.9% APR1

1 All rates given in ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE depending on your credit history. Please read the following disclosure that contains rates, fees, and other cost information, as well as agreements and terms that are related to the FFCU Credit Card.


30 Year Fixed
APR1 Base Rate 4.250% with 0 points
15 Year Fixed
APR1 Base Rate 3.500% with 0 points
APR1 as low as 4.250% with min $5k initial draw

1 Annual Percentage Rate as of 07/02/2015 subject to change. Full rates and disclosures

The Roth 401(k)

If you're lucky enough to work for an employer who offers this option, Roth contributions could play an important role in helping enhance your retirement income.