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Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card

During Regular Business Hours (M-F 7:30 am to 6 pm MST and Sat 9 am to 3 pm):

Outside the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Area:

After Hours:
888-241-2510 (outside the US, call 909-941-1398)

Declined Card

To protect you against fraud, First Financial has placed blocks for debit charges in some areas of the state and country. To keep your charges from being blocked while you travel, please call us before you travel so we can remove the fraud block from your card.

Why Is My Card Declined When I Am Out of Town?

You card is set up for your geographical area to protect your account and prevent fraud. When transactions start posting in areas where you do not live, work or frequently visit, your card will be blocked in case it has been stolen or your information breached. However, you can avoid your account being blocked by letting us know where and when you will be traveling beforehand, and your account will be noted for your travel. 

Who Do I Call Before Going Out of Town?

To let us know you are going out of town, please contact our Member Resource Center at (505) 766-5600.

Who Do I Call If My Debit Card is Already Being Declined?

If you forgot to let us know and your card is being declined when you are out of town, please contact Falcon, our 24-hr. customer service center at (888) 241-2440.

Who Do I Call If My Debit Card Is Being Declined in Town?

In our ongoing efforts to protect your debit card from potential fraudulent activity, certain restrictions have been placed on debit card transactions. These restrictions may cause your non-PIN debit card to be declined at certain merchant types in some states. 

Should your debit card be declined, when performing a signature credit-type transaction, please retry the transaction using the Debit/PIN option.

If you need further assistance, please call (505) 766-5600 or (800) 342-8298.

After business hours, please call Falcon, our 24-hr. customer service center at (888) 241-2440.

Debit Card Fraud Protection

First Financial Credit Union provides Falcon Fraud Protection as an added layer of security on all our debit cards at no additional cost to you. Falcon monitors your card activity around the clock to detect irregular activity on your debit card. 

If suspicious activity is detected, a member of the Falcon team will contact you from 888-241-2440 on behalf of First Financial Credit Union to the phone number(s) we have on file. Once you are on the phone with the agent they will verify your identity by asking questions that may include a portion of your card or social security number. If they left you a message, then they will also ask you for the case number referenced in the message. 

Lastly, please notify us of your travel plans. Purchases made with your card outside of your local area may be a sign of suspicious activity. We also ask card holders to keep your contact information with us current. You can update your information by sending a secured message through your online banking or stopping by one of our offices. 

Keeping your money safe and secure is our top priority. If you have questions about the Falcon Fraud Protection Services call:

  • 505-766-5600
  • 800-342-8298




Lost or Stolen Credit Card

1 (866) 839-3485 

For Inquires

1 (800) 423-7503

Declined Card

1 (800) 369-4887


Control Your Cards from Your Phone

Card Control is a feature in our mobile banking app that makes controlling your FFCU debit card as easy as picking up your smartphone. With Card Control, you can:


Turn your card on/off 

Control your debit card 24/7 and instantly disable your debit card(s) to prevent transactions. When your card is turned ON, you can use it for normal transactions. When your card is turned OFF, one-time transactions using your card or card number will be declined. Recurring transactions will still process when your card is turned OFF.

Set Travel Notices

Notify us right in your app when you plan to travel to prevent your card from being turned declined.

Order Replacement Cards

Do you think your debit card was lost or stolen?  Not only can you turn off your card, but you can also order replacement debit cards right from your phone anytime day or night.


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