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First Financial can give you a peace of mind with our safe deposit boxes - the perfect storage solution for your valuables. Safe deposit boxes are safe, secure, fire proof, and provide convenient access to important documents and items. Boxes are accessible to their owners any time during lobby hours. 

Safe deposit box rental is subject availability. To find out if a box is available, visit one of the below branches. 

Branches Mon-Thurs Friday Saturday
San Maeto 8:50-5:30pm  8:50-6:00pm  9:00-2:00pm
Rio Rancho 8:50-5:30pm  8:50-6:00pm  9:00-2:00pm
Gallup Boardman 8:50-5:00pm  8:50-6:00pm  Closed
Silver City 8:50-5:30pm  8:50-6:00pm  9:00-2:00pm
Deming 8:50-5:30pm  8:50-6:00pm  9:00-2:00pm

The yearly rental fee for safe deposit boxes will be automatically deducted from your account each November 1st. Fees for periods of less than a year are prorated.

Box Size Annual Rate
5 x 2 x 21 $10.00
5 x 3 x 21 $15.00
5 x 5 x 21 $20.00
10 x 3 x 21 $25.00
10 x 5 x 21 $35.00
10 x 10 x 21 $65.00

Premier & Value Checking Discounts

Members with Premier or Value Checking can choose to have a 5 x 2 safe deposit box (subject to Availability) free from the yearly rental fee. Or choose a 5 x 5 or larger box, and have $15 credit applied towards the yearly rental fee.

Replace Fees for Lost Keys

Replace One Key $10.00
Drill Box Open (To have your box drilled will include a lock replacement and two new keys.) $130.00


 *All fees are subject to change without prior notice to the renter.

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