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SCAM ALERT: Scammers are on the rise.

Please carefully review text messages, before clicking on links or responding with any personal information. First Financial will never ask you for personal information via text or telephone. Recent scams are using a fictitious area code 833 and a website address.  Neither are First Financial. Our actual digital banking site can be found here. If something looks suspicious, delete and contact us directly at 505-766-5600.  

ACH Early Deposits

Effective August 21, 2023, FFCU will begin posting ACH Deposits up to 2 days early to members’ accounts.

  • This benefit is for all members, and you do not need to “opt in”. It’s automatic for all ACH/payroll deposits received at FFCU.
  • Early posting is based on when your employer/originator submits the direct deposit and is not guaranteed
  • If you have subsequent auto transfers to shares/loans scheduled on your payday, those transfers will still come out on the normal scheduled date. Even if the direct deposit posts early, we do not recommend changing these transfers since the direct deposit may not always be received early by FFCU.


Did my direct deposit post early in error? 

No, you can now spend that money.

Was this a one-time thing?

No. Going forward, we will post incoming ACH deposits up to 2 days early, based on when the employer/originator submits your deposit to FFCU.

Can I opt out? 

No, this is a benefit that will apply to all members.

Will you always post early? 

We will continue to post up top 2 days early based on when the employer/originator submits your deposit to FFCU.

Will my scheduled transfers/payments post early? 

No, transfers and payments will still post on their scheduled dates.

Will all my institutions start posting deposits early? 

Each institution makes their own decision on when to post direct deposits.

Should I reschedule my transfers/loan due date? 

No, because early posting is not guaranteed. It is based on when the employer/originator submits your deposit to FFCU.

What does “up to 2 days early” mean

FFCU will not post any direct deposits more than 2 days in advance and will only post direct deposits that we have received from your employer/originator early.

Does this only apply to direct deposits from employers? 

No, this applies to all deposits coming into your checking/savings account via ACH. (i.e.: Social Security, online external transfers, etc.)


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