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Regulation D

Regulation D is a federal law which limits the number of certain transactions from any savings account to a maximum of six per month. Savings accounts affected include your Primary Savings, Secondary Savings, Special Savings, and Money Market account (limits apply per account per month). 

The following types of transactions are limited collectively to six (6) per month when taken from your savings account:

  • Withdrawal in the form of a check payable to a 3rd party from Member Resource Center, First Line, Bill Pay Center, or Online Banking.
  • Transfers done via Member Resource Center, First Line, Online Banking, or Mobile Banking to another account of yours or to a third party.
  • Automatic deductions, ACH, and preauthorized transfers.
  • Checks, drafts, and similar orders made payable to third parties.
  • Overdraft transfers from your savings account to your checking account. If you do not have enough funds in your checking account to cover the withdrawal (including any overdraft fee), then the funds can be automatically transferred from your savings (if available). This type of transfer is a limited transaction. Please contact a member service representative if you would like to set up overdraft protection transfers. 

The following types of transactions are NOT limited to six (6) per month:

  • Any transaction done at an FFCU branch or shared branching location.
  • Any transaction conducted at an ATM.

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