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The election will be held from May 1, 2021 until June 1, 2021. All votes must be received by 11:59 p.m. on June 1, 2021. Each primary credit union member in good standing age 18 or older, is entitled to vote. This year we have (9) candidates, (3) positions available. Please vote for up to three (3) candidates on a single ballot. Only one (1) ballot per membership can be submitted.

Whether voting online or by phone, you will be asked for your Member Number (FFCU Account Number) and the last four digits of your social security number. Voting is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week May 1, 2021 - June 1, 2021. If you are voting by paper ballot you will need to provide your Member Number (FFCU Account Number) print your name, and sign the ballot before placing it in the prepaid businessreturn envelope. 



  1. Click on the “Vote Now” button.
  2. Review the brief instructions and click on “Begin Voting” button to get started. Candidate bios and videos are available for review before you begin to vote.
  3. Enter your Member Number and last four digits of your social security number.
  4. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions.



  1. Dial 888-735-6842 (toll free).
  2. You can vote immediately by pressing 1. (If you  prefer to vote by paper ballot, and you did not receive one in your mailed statement press 2 and a paper ballot will be mailed to you).
  3. Enter your Member Number and last four digits of your social security number using the numeric keypad on your touchtone phone.
  4. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns about voting please contact us at (505) 766-5600 or (800) 342-8298.



1. Stewart Logan - Incumbent

Over the years, I have had a varied work background. For the past 3 decades, my background includes numerous years in consumer finance, mortgage lending, collections, and being a Financial Advisor with MetLife Resources (a division of MetLife specializing in retirement accounts for non-profits). To be a financial advisor required that I have my insurance licenses and certain investment licenses. I also spent several years as a member of the New Mexico Public Employees Retirement Board. Currently, I am the Safety & Compliance Manager for San Juan County. I was originally hired by the County as the Benefits & Compensation Manager. Since 1982, I have been a high school sports official spending 33 years officiating basketball. During those years I called numerous state tournaments including the state championship games. Currently I am in my 6th year back officiating football. Next season will be my 40th year officiating sports. I enjoy most outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking, camping, snow skiing, etc.

Why are you seeking election to the Board of Directors?

As a current member of the board, I believe we have started some very good initiatives that I would like to see through to completion. I believe in the mission of the credit union to meet the needs of the underserved in our communities and I am very pleased to be a part of that mission. I also believe that the mission statement has been adopted by senior management as far as it applies to employees. In our high-tech age, I believe First Financial Credit Union seeks to utilize high tech while retaining its personal relationship with its members. I am very proud to be a part of what we are doing at the credit union and seek to continue to be a part of it by continuing to serve on the board.

What do you feel is the most important duty of a director?

I believe the most important duty is to be a fiduciary. That means overseeing that the credit union is financially sound, proper investments are being made, and future growth is heading in a direction that does not jeopardize its fiscal soundness. We also monitor the day-to-day operation for the benefit of both the members and the employees. A board member must remember that their role is that of an overseer without interfering with daily operations of the credit union.

2. Ava Boswell MD - Incumbent

I am a proud native New Mexican growing up in Grants, Los Alamos and Albuquerque. I am a physician, business owner, and proud Lobo. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of New Mexico in Economics. I was fortunate  to attend medical school and also complete residency and fellowship in Psychiatry at UNM. I practice medicine in both Albuquerque and Farmington. Spending time with family, learning new things, taking on new challenges, oil painting, traveling, gardening and cooking new recipes are a few of my favorite activities.   

1. Why are you seeking election to the Board of Directors?

It has been an honor and privilege to serve the members of First Financial Credit Union for the past 2 years. I am seeking re-election to the Board of Directors. During my tenure, I have established a strong foundational understanding about how credit unions function and what makes a credit union strong and able to thrive in today’s changing economic environment. I would like to further expand on this foundation and help lead First Financial Credit Union forward into the future serving its diverse membership. I ask for your vote and support to continue my work on the Board to help shape the vision of the credit union, maintain its stability and help guide it into the future ensuring it can continue to provide quality financial services to serve future generations.

2. What do you feel is the most important duty of a Director?

A Director is elected to be a representative of the membership. Advocating and representing the needs of the members, who the credit union serves, is overall the most important duty of a Director. A Director must understand the diverse membership and its needs. Every decision made should be gauged by what is best for the membership as a whole while balanced with the financial stability of the credit union and its growth. In addition, a director needs to be conscientious and do what is right for the membership, be honest in all interactions, demonstrate integrity in all engagements, and model transparency and accountability in all commitments.

3. Bryan Trevino - Associate

Bryan Trevino is a laboratory professional of more than eleven years, who has helped to bring health care to New Mexicans. As of May of 2019, he achieved a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Through his several roles as a Clinical Lab Assistant, Medical Review Office Assistant, and most recently Client Engagement Representative, he has developed professional communication, problem solving, and relationship building skills necessary to his success. He is currently obtaining a graduate degree at the Anderson School of Management. On the weekends, you can find him taking a motorcycle ride to the crest or improving his lap times at the local track with the group SMRI.

1. Why are you seeking election to the Board of Directors?

Picking the right institution is crucial for the success of the goals for many New Mexicans. Being part of the Board will allow me to support an initiative close to me, helping the community. The Credit Union continues to promote fraud protection and growth by use of low interest rates. This would directly impact the community as we jump start the economy after Covid 19.

2. What do you feel is the most important duty of a Director?

The most important duty of a director is to provide direction for the institution by working closely with the CEO to uphold the mission, vision, and goals in order to protect the organization’s assets and member’s investments.

4. Janet Monroe

I have been in leadership roles in credit unions, regional banks and the global credit card company Visa Inc. Throughout my roles I was recognized for increasing profitability and customer satisfaction by leading significant business change from organizational and business process transformation to leadership development, employee engagement and satisfaction. I began my career in branch management and operations for a regional New England bank. I grew the mortgage lending division of a northern California credit union by developing loan products, pricing, underwriting and servicing. At Visa, I transformed the customer organization into a proactive team of consultant-advocates that produced more than $350 million in sales and cost savings. In addition, I led strategic projects for Brand Marketing, Human Resources, and IT. I was raised in Connecticut, lived in San Francisco, and settled in New Mexico in 2007. I have a BA from Yale University, where I played Division One basketball and volleyball. I have an MBA from the University of San Francisco. My volunteer work includes the Yale Club of New Mexico, Wings for LIFE International, Kitchen Angels, and Animal Humane NM. I enjoy skiing, hiking, and exploring the galleries, restaurants and small towns of New Mexico.

1. Why are you seeking election to the Board of Directors?

My affinity for credit unions began when I started working for Provident Credit Union in California. I became a member and am still active almost 30 years later. My experience was so positive that I joined First Financial and Kirtland Federal credit unions here in New Mexico. Throughout my career at Visa, I worked closely with the largest US banks and saw first-hand the contrast between their business models versus credit unions. Bank stock prices and quarterly earnings reports drove every decision, and often those decisions did not serve their customers. But the credit union member-owned business model requires timely, tailored and relevant solutions, and demands accountability to member-stakeholders as well. I believe my skills and experience can help the Board and First Financial achieve the goal of delivering unique and creative access methods to services that best support and grow the membership. I’ve been fortunate to have worked in both banks and credit unions and understand firsthand the competitive advantage and potential that credit unions have over regional and national banks. As an owner and stakeholder, I want to do my part.

2. What do you feel is the most important duty of a Director?

Out of curiosity, I researched the origin of Boards of Directors. Established to ensure governance of companies on behalf of shareholders, Boards can be traced back to English merchants in the Fourteenth Century in response to increasing business growth and complexity. In the 1600s companies began selling stock, and over time a distinction arose between the customer of the company and its shareholder, and along the way public companies began to prioritize satisfying shareholders over customers. Anyone who’s banked with a large global bank knows how that feels. Credit unions operate under an association business model in which every member by definition is a shareholder too. That means credit unions are only successful when they meet the needs of their customers, their members/shareholders. Your satisfaction is essential for credit union success. Is that true of banks? First Financial‘s success demands it continue to be relevant and provide unique value to its members. For the Board to meet its responsibility to you, the stakeholders, each Director’s most important duty is to set the strategic direction based on the needs of its members, an then ensure through governance and guidance that the company succeeds.

5. Richard (Rick) Goshorn

I am a resident of Bosque Farms. My family has lived in New Mexico since 1972 and I am married with two children of school age. I have had an extensive career in fiscal and operations management in both the private and public sector, and currently act as the Director of Business Operations/ Administrative Officer for the Valencia Branch Campus of the University of New Mexico. I am an avid fly fisherman, camper, gardener, woodworker and old truck restorer.

1. Why are you seeking election to the Board of Directors?

As a fiscal professional with over 30 years’ experience in fiscal and administrative management, I enjoy working in complex fiscal environments that are a service to membership and customers. I have held board positions in 2 non-profits and enjoy the public service environment I currently hold. I understand the complexities of non-profit organizations and take a great deal of pride in contributing to the successes. The Board position I am seeking will give me the opportunity to work with a team toward the success of the Credit Union and allow me to contribute my skills in a way that will be very rewarding.

2. What do you feel is the most important duty of a Director?

While a Director position at a credit union will have many-facetted list of responsibilities, the most important duty of a member of the Board is to hold a strict policy stewardship and fiduciary responsibility for the health and success of the credit union and its membership. Asking the question “what is in the best interest of the membership?” when making decisions and voting is absolutely the most important trait any Board member must have. This involves actively participating in discussion, sharing expertise, and basing decisions on data.

6. Melissa (Missy) Wauneka

I am a mother of three, former teacher and school leader, UNM Anderson School of Management MBA graduate and current non-profit management and operations leader. I grew up in Michigan, studied Biochemistry at the University of Michigan, and then moved to New Mexico in 2005 to teach science in Thoreau, NM outside of Gallup. This is where I first became a FFCU member and have not looked back since. I currently live in Albuquerque with my husband and three kids, aged 9, 10 and 14, who attend Albuquerque Public Schools. I have a Bull Mastiff dog and a Siamese cat, who keep me company while working remotely during the pandemic. I love reading, learning, gardening and volunteering. I have skills in data analysis, developing training for adult learning, facilitating meetings, and engaging in reflection and continuous improvement.  

1. Why are you seeking election to the Board of Directors?

I chose to be a member of a credit union rather than a big bank expressly because of credit unions’ accountability to their members. I am seeking election to the Board of Directors in order to represent the interests and opinions of members like myself. I am also excited to put my love of learning and my skills from teaching, school leadership and non-profit management to work for FFCU.

 2. What do you feel is the most important duty of a Director?

The most important duty of a Director is to learn continuously and to consistently seek to represent the interests and opinions of all FFCU members when making decisions.

7. Patricia (Trish) Roughgarden

I am originally from New York but have been living in NM for over 25 years. My husband and I have been married for over 25 years as well. I am a United States Air Force Veteran who served under the 305th Air Refueling Wing at Grissom AFB, IN as an avionics technician. I was able to use that skill set at the Kennedy Space Center working on communications equipment aboard the Spacelab module. I currently work for Intel Corp for over 25 years. I started as a technician and now manage manufacturing operations across all the process technologies at the NM site. On the weekends, I enjoy hiking, biking and camping.
1. Why are you seeking election to the Board of Directors?

Having a banking institution that serves its members at time of need is valuable. I would like to be a part of the leadership team that serves the community in financial support, opportunities, and education. We all live here together. We should work together to uplift ourselves and our neighbors in any way we can.
2.  What do you feel is the most important duty of a Director?

I feel the most important duty of a Director is commitment to the members. Making decisions, establishing vision, mission, and values should all be achieved with the members needs and wants as the primary driver.

8. Namdar Mogharreban

I am a retired professor of computer science coming from Southern Illinois. My wife and I moved to New Mexico four years ago after retiring from the university. I joined the SIU credit union in 1981 and went on to serve as a board member from 2000 to 2016. I joined the First Financial Credit Union when we first purchased a condo in Rio Rancho in 2010. We now live in Albuquerque and have learned to enjoy many of the wonderful offerings of the land of enchantment including hiking, open space and flying. We also relish being close to our daughter and the three grandchildren that add so much joy to our life.

1. Why are you seeking election to the Board of Directors?

I strongly believe in the fundamental concept behind the establishment of Credit Unions - A group of individuals coming together as members of an organization to help each other. For the organization to thrive members should take an active role in its success. As a member I feel board membership allows me to share my knowledge and experience for the improvement and growth of the credit union.

2. What do you feel is the most important duty of a Director?

I believe a board director’s first responsibility is to represent its members. Representation includes protecting the assets and financial health of the credit union on behalf of the members. A director should be knowledgeable about the various functional and operational workings of the credit union and should ask pertinent questions about the decisions management makes. The goal is to be an asset and a voice to assist the management in making those decisions.

9. James Montalbano

I have been a member of First Financial Credit Union in Albuquerque since moving here from the Chicago area in 2002. I have sought to decouple from corporate banks wherever possible, except when using credit cards, where I never pay fees or interest but rather earn cash and points. I am an attorney, a graduate of UNM School of Law, who works with labor unions and other wage workers. My former career was as a journalist in Chicago (and leader in the newsroom union at the Sun-Times) and at the former Albuquerque Tribune. My goal for many years has been to work toward economic justice for all, because I believe that is a great leveler in society and helps provide a basic standard of living even for those who are less fortunate. I live in the Silver Hill neighborhood by UNM, serving as president of the neighborhood association.

1. Why are you seeking election to the Board of Directors?

I am seeking election to the Board of Directors because I believe it is important not just to be a member of groups or organizations but to be an active member and, when possible and useful, part of the leadership. Unions are stronger when its members are active and when some of them step up to leadership positions to serve the group’s needs. (I’ll note that the new main branch sits at 4910 Union Way SE across from the IBEW Hall.) I now see an opportunity to serve First Financial and its members. I was struck a few months ago by the realization that First Financial has moved from Downtown Albuquerque and currently has no branch in the city’s core. I want to make sure First Financial is serving the entire community fairly and equitably.

2. What do you feel is the most important duty of a Director?

I frankly do not know too much about the duties of a credit union’s board of directors, beyond what I have learned from reading the materials provided and going through a brief orientation process. I have not served in such a capacity for a credit union before. I would say that the main duties of our Board of Directors is to perform general oversight of the affairs of the organization, be rigorous fiduciary overseers, and work to ensure that the needs of the members and our employees are met at all times. It is a significant time commitment, but I am willing to serve a term in order to advance the interests of all.




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