Traveling? Call us FIRST!!

Traveling With Your Debit Card. Call Us FIRST!

To protect you against fraud, First Financial has placed blocks for debit charges in some areas of the state and country. To keep your charges from being blocked while you travel, please call us before you travel so we can remove the fraud block from your card. We know it can be frustrating to have your debit card denied while on travel, so please call us FIRST!

Why Is My Card Declined When I Am Out of Town?

Your card is set up for your geographical area to protect your account and prevent fraud. When transactions start posting in areas where you do not live, work or frequently visit, your card will be blocked in case it has been stolen or your information breached. However, you can avoid your account being blocked by letting us know where and when you will be traveling beforehand, and your account will be noted for your travel.

Who Do I Call Before Going Out of Town?

To let us know you are going out of town, please contact our Member Resource Center at
(505) 766-5600.

Who Do I Call If My Debit Card is Already Being Declined?

If you forgot to let us know and your card is being declined when you are out of town, please contact Falcon, our 24 hr. customer service center (888) 241-2440.