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Online & Mobile Banking Upgrade is Complete! Check out our instructional videos for What You Need to Know and next steps.

Online Banking Upgrade Instructions


Online Banking Q&A

  1. Can I use Internet Explorer to login to my account?
    • Internet Explorer is not recommended, as functionality may not work properly.
  2. What web browser should I use?
    • Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, iOS, Android v 5.0 and above. Please use the latest 2 versions.
  3. What are some of the new features of Online Banking?
    • Online banking in both English and Spanish
    • Text and/or email alerts
      • Remote deposit completed/failed
      • Transfer completed/failed
      • Loan Payments Due
      • Withdrawal Alert
      • Debit Card Purchase Alert
    • Setup and Manage Savings Goals
    • Add accounts from participating financial institutions to view balances and payment due dates
    • Online Self-Service Options
      • Request Replacement Cards, Manage Travel Notifications, block a lost/stolen card
      • Reorder checks
      • Stop Payment on a Check
    • Set your desktop background from a variety of templates
    • Enhanced security with one-time pass codes via text, email and phone, or mobile authentication app
  4. Do I have to create a new username?
    • No, your current username will be the same, unless the current username is less than 6 characters, at which point you will be prompted to change your username.
  5. What are the requirements for a username?
    • Usernames must be at least 8 characters in length and no longer than 20 characters. The username can be letters, numbers, or a combination of both. Usernames are not case sensitive.
  6. What are the requirements for a password?
    • Passwords must be at least eight characters in length, contain at least one lowercase letter, at least one uppercase letter, and at least one number.
  7. What if I forgot my password?
    • You can use the forgot password option on the website or on the mobile app.
  8. Can I transfer to another member’s account in online banking?
    • Yes, this can be done by clicking Transfers>Classic>Transfer to another First Financial CU member. You will need to enter a member number, name or business name, and share/loan ID to set up the member-to-member transfer. An email will be sent to both members once the connection has been established.
  9. Can I delete a member to member payee once created?
    • No, once you have saved a member payee it can not be deleted. However, you can hide from view in Settings>Accounts>Hide.
  10. Will hiding an account in the desktop version of online banking hide the account in the mobile app as well?
    • Yes
  11. Will pending transactions display differently vs a posted transaction?
    • Yes, the pending item will be at the top of the transaction list and state pending.
  12. How many online banking profiles can a member have?
    • Only one banking profile is allowed per unique SSN or TIN.
  13. Why can’t I see some of my accounts as options for Transfers, etc.?
    • This may be because you’ve hidden them from view in your Settings. Please navigate to Settings – Accounts. Select the Share or Loan you’re looking for, and un-select “Hide from User”.
  14. Will I be able to view check images? If so, how far back?
    • Yes, you will be able to view check images for the past 18 months.
  15. Can I order checks online?
    • Yes, you can reorder checks online by clicking on the check services widget. However, if you have never ordered checks before please contact the Credit Union for assistance.
  16. Where can I locate my full account number in online banking?
    • You can find the full account number in the Account Details section of your account.
  17. How far back can I view my transaction history?
    • 18 months.
  18. Will I need to reschedule my reoccurring external transfers?
    • Yes, any reoccurring transfers to an external account will need to be rescheduled.
  19. How do you add an external account?
    • External accounts can be added in the Transfer Widget>Classic Transfers>Add an External Account or in Settings>Accounts>Link an External Account.
  20. Can I place a stop payment on a check online?
    • Yes, you will need to click on the Check Services Widget. You will need to read and agree to the disclosure before a stop payment can be placed.
  21. Will I be charged a fee for a stop payment in online banking?
    • Yes, a $28 fee applies.
  22. Can I cancel stop payment request online?
    • No, please contact the credit union if you would like cancel the stop payment.
  23. What language preferences are available for online banking?
    • English and Spanish are available.
  24. Will I be charged for a replacement debit card if I order thorugh online banking?
    • No, there is no fee for a debit card ordered online. You will receive your new debit card in the mail.
  25. Did any of my alerts convert over?
    • Alerts will not be converted and will need to be re-established in the new system. Please go to Settings>Notifications to set up new alerts.
  26. How can I enable SMS (Text) alerts?
    • You will need to go to Settings>Contact>Click the pencil icon for any phone number listed (The phone number listed must be a mobile phone number)> Click “I Would Like To Receive SMS Text Messages To This Number”>Click Send Code via text>Enter Code>Click Save Changes. Once this has been completed you can go to Notifications in Settings and select SMS as an option for the desired notification.



Mobile App Upgrade Instructions for iPhone Users

Find the FFCU New Mobile App on the Apple App Store Here.


Mobile App Upgrade Instructions for Android Users

Find the FFCU New Mobile App on the Google Play Store Here.
Or search "First Financial of New Mexico" in the Google Play store.


Mobile App Q&A

  1. Do I need to redownload the First Financial mobile app?
    • The iOS Apple mobile app will automatically update. The Android mopile app will need to be deleted and redownloaded.
  2. What are some new features on the Mobile App?
    • Access your statements
    • Manage and view recurring bill payments
    • Pending payments and deposits will be available
    • View all accounts in one view
    • Request Replacement Cards, Manage Travel Notifications, block a lost/stolen card
    • View your check images
  3. Can I have my accounts and balances display without logging in on my mobile phone?
    • Yes, this feature is called Snapshot and can be setup in Settings>Snapshot
  4. How far can I view transaction history on the mobile app?
    • 18 months.
  5. Does the mobile app support Touch ID (fingerprint) login?
    • Yes, you can enable Touch ID anytime inside the mobile app at settings>Touch ID.
  6. Does the mobile app have facial recognition?
    • Only in the iOS Apple platform. Android does not currently support facial recognition.
  7. Will my mortgage show in the mobile app?
    • Yes
  8. Will external accounts display on the mobile app?
    • Yes, external accounts can be added or confirmed on the mobile app.


If you have not yet, please make sure you do the following TODAY:

  • Validate that your email address and phone number with First Financial is accurate (instructions below). Doing so will mean you won’t have to re-register for online and mobile banking and that all your information will migrate successfully. It will also ensure you receive any necessary communication and action items related to the upgrade.

  • Have access to your FULL member #/member ID. You will need this when you log into the new on-line/mobile banking system the first time.  If you do not know your full member ID, please contact our Member Resource department, visit one of our branches or send us a secure email and we will provide.

To verify your information is accurate, please go to your online banking in the top right menu bar. Log in and go to “Settings" in the upper left hand corner, then “Contact Information”. If your email address and phone number are correct, you are good to go. Thank you! If your email address or phone number are not accurate, please contact our Member Resource Center to update it (505)766-5600 or (800)342-8298.

Our new online banking platform will offer you the following features:

  • Online banking in both English and Spanish
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Text and/or Email Alerts:
    • Remote deposit completed/failed
    • Transfer completed/failed
    • Loan Payments Due
    • Withdrawal Alert
    • Debit Card Purchase Alert
  • Customizable Navigation
    • Personalize your online banking site to see and access only what you wish to see
  • Setup and Manage Your Savings Goals
  • Online Self- Service Options:
    • Reorder Checks
    • Stop Payment on a Check
    • Debit Card Management (on/off)

If you have questions or concerns that are not answered in the Q&A below, please reach out to our Member Service Center at (800)342-8298 or (505) 766-5600.


Questions and Answers Regarding the Online and Mobile Banking Upgrade

  1. What do I (as a member) need to do to get ready for the conversion?
    • Please ensure your email address is current and on file with First Financial Credit Union.
  2. Will I need to re-register or create a new username?
    • No, most usernames will remain the same.
    • Only usernames that are less than 6 characters long will need to be changed.
  3. Why is First Financial upgrading their online/mobile platform?
    • First Financial is committed to providing members with a more user friendly online and mobile banking experience that offers new features and improved functionality.
  4. Will First Financial offer member training on the upgraded online and mobile system?
    • First Financial Credit Union will provide a member user guide and step-by-step video on the new features and functions available. The updated online site will also offer a Help drop-down menu to guide you through the user experience.
  5. Who do I call if I have issues while trying to log on or use the new online and mobile system?
    • Our Member Resource Center Representatives are here to assist. Just call (505) 766-5600 OR (800) 342-8298.


If you currently use Bill Pay, there is some important information you should know:

Blackout Dates

As we make exciting changes and enhancements to our online/mobile banking system, bill pay will be unavailable from Thursday, June 17th – Tuesday, June 22nd. During this time, payments cannot be viewed or scheduled via bill pay. Any payments previously scheduled to pay on June 17th will process as normal, but payments scheduled to be paid between June 18-22 will need to be rescheduled or paid outside of bill pay.

Existing Payees & Payments

Once we have completed the upgrade, existing payees and scheduled/recurring payments will be available on Wednesday, June 23rd for the last user who logged into bill pay.

Payees &/or payments may not be brought over if:

  • The bill pay user’s name does not match the name on the FFCU account
  • If the bill pay payee is missing required information, such as name, address, or account number
  • Bill pay is not linked to a specific checking account or the specified checking account has been closed
  • Bill pay was shared by multiple users who are not signers on the FFCU account

We recommend bill pay users confirm the accuracy of payees and delete any payees that are no longer valid, prior to June 17th.


Faster Payments

With the current bill pay system, some payments are not debited from your account until a paper check clears.  With the new bill pay system, payments will be debited from your account on the scheduled payment date.


Courtesy Pay

In addition to Overdraft Transfer Protection from another FFCU account or line of credit, we offer a discretionary service called Courtesy Pay, where we strive to pay your NSF/Overdraft items up to a predetermined limit. Each NSF/Overdraft item is subject to a fee, whether the item is paid or returned. Covered transactions include checks & ACH transactions. We do not, however, authorize and pay overdrafts on ATM transactions, one-time debit card & bill pay transactions without your consent. If you would like FFCU to authorize & pay overdrafts on your ATM, one-time debit card & bill pay transactions, please visit our website at & submit your Opt-In/Out form or call our Member Service Center at (505)766-5600 or toll-free at (800)342-8298.


While we understand the blackout period might be an inconvenience, upgrading our current bill pay system will improve your overall user experience. If you need assistance or have questions about bill pay, please contact us at (505) 766-5600 or (800) 342-8298.


Bill Pay Q&A

  1. Will my established payees and scheduled payments convert over?
    • Your Payees will be converted. Make sure all payee information, including address and account numbers are updated. Please remove any unused payees. All bill payments scheduled will continue to be sent to your payees.
  2. What accounts can I use for Bill Pay?
    • Checking accounts can be used.
  3. What kind of payments are offered in Bill Pay?
    • Check and Electronic
  4. What happens if the check gets lost?
    • Please contact the Credit Union for further assistance.
  5. How far in advance can I cancel a scheduled payment?
    • The day before the due date before the cutoff time which is 12pm MST.
  6. When will bill pay payments be debited from my account?
    • Payments will be debited from your account on the scheduled payment date.



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