Member Only Discounts

Tram Pass Discount

The cost for members to reserve the pass for up to four adults to ride is $48. The regular price without our corporate pass is $20/adult.

Only one pass is issued per day. Please email or call (505) 766-5600 or 1 (800) 342-8298 to reserve your pass. Proceeds from the use of our pass program will go to the Children’s Miracle Network for the purchase of medical equipment and funding programs at UNM Children’s Hospital.

Holiday Schedule:

December 24th: 9 AM-4 PM
December 25th: 9 AM-4 PM if Ski area is open, 11 AM-4PM if not Skiing
December 31st: TBD
January 1st: TBD

Dates Closed for Maintenance:

Fall 2014: November 3rd-14th, 2014 (Reopening at noon on the 14th)
Spring 2015: April 6th-April 17, 2015

Please check updated schedule information: