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Telephone Banking

Our First Line telephone service gives you 24/7 access to your account via your touch-tone phone. To use this service, you’ll need your member number and a 4-digit PIN/security code (usually set to the last 4 digits of your social security number for your first login).

First Line Telephone Numbers


First Line Number

Albuquerque/Rio Rancho










Silver City




Toll Free (Lower 48 States)


Call the First Line number. You’ll first be asked to choose a language option (English or Spanish) Press 1 for English, and 2 for Spanish. The system will then give you the following options. Just listen to the instructions and use the buttons on your phone to respond.

  • Press 1 for Account Info
    • Press 1 for Account Balance
    • Press 2 for Account History
  • Press 2 to Transfer Funds/Make Payment
    • Press 1 to Transfer Funds Immediately
    • Press 2 to Make Immediate Payment
    • Press 3 to Schedule a Payment
  • Press 3 for Interest Rates
    • Select Rate Type Using # Key
  • Press 4 to Change Access Code

Important Notes about First Line

The first time you call First Line, your PIN/security code will be set to the last four digits of your social security number. During your initial call, the system will require you to change this code. You may change your code to any 4 to 8-digit combination.

Balances quoted do not include items that have not yet cleared.

Should you need to enter a dollar amount, no decimal points are needed. However, you do need to enter both dollars and cents. For example, enter $250.00 as “25000.” 

Cross account transfers are limited to those accounts which you have designated on your First Line application. 

If you are making a loan payment, you will use the transfer feature to do so. Once you are in the transfer section, you have two ways to make your payment. If you are making a full loan payment (i.e. the payment amount due on your next payment date), select the “Make a loan payment” option. The system will deduct the next payment account from the account you select, and you won’t need to enter an amount into the system. If you are making a payment that is different from the amount next due (for example, a partial payment), then select the “Transfer” option. You can indicate the amount you want to transfer to your loan account.

Download a First Line options card to keep with you. 

Direct Deposit

Use direct deposit to have your entire paycheck or just a part of it automatically deposited to your credit union accounts. It’s convenient, safe and free to members.

At your credit union, you can have your paycheck distributed within your account — some to checking, some to savings, to make your loan payment, to your Christmas Club or IRA, even to another member’s account (for example, your child’s account). Up to ten distributions are possible.

Direct Deposit is Available from:

  • Credit Union-Affiliated Companies. Most companies affiliated with the credit union offer some form of direct deposit. Check with your company’s payroll office for more details.
  • Other Companies. If your company (or your spouse’s) offers direct deposit to the institution of your choice, you can have it deposited to First Financial. Check with your company’s payroll office for more details.
  • Social Security or Pension Checks. We have the forms to get your Social Security check deposited directly to your CU account. For pension checks, check with your pension manager.

Get Started 

To start direct deposit, visit your Human Resources or Payroll Department. You will need to be able to provide them with the following information:

  • Institution Name: First Financial Credit Union
  • Our routing & transit number: 307083694
  • Your account number. If you are having your direct deposit go to your savings, use your credit union member number (it’s the number on your membership card or on your monthly statement). If you’re having your direct deposit going to checking, use the number from the bottom of your checks.
  • Whether you want the funds to go to savings or checking


External Transfers - Institution to Institution Transfers

External transfers is a service where our members can now sign in through our Online Banking and perform transfers to and from another institution. So if you have an account at another financial institution, you can sign in and transfer money to that account from the account at FFCU, or you can transfer from your account at the other financial institution to your account here, all through our Online Banking! The greatest part is there is no fee!

There is a setup process that must be followed to verify we have the correct information. The setup process may take up to 3 days. Below are the steps to setup the other financial institution’s information.

Step 1- External Transfer Setup

Once you are logged into your FFCU Online Banking click on the “Transfers & Payments” tab and then “External Transfers”. Click on “add new payee” and enter the other financial institution’s information then click link account. The next box you will review the information you previously entered to confirm its correct and then select continue. 

Step 2

Within 48 hours we will make 2 small deposits into the other financial institutions account (Both deposits will be under $1.00) that you will need to obtain in the exact order and amount of deposits.

 *These deposits will expire and disappear from the other institutions account so please monitor the account during these 48 hours after set up

Step 3

After you have obtained both deposits in the other institutions account you will log in to FFCU, navigate back to “Transfers & Payments” then “External Transfers”, click on “Confirm” and enter the amounts in the 2 boxes provided and click confirm button.  That’s it! Your added account will now listed in “Transfers & Payments” as “An External Account” to transfer to/from.

* If the confirmation amounts are entered incorrectly 3 times the account will lock and you will be required to restart the process so make sure you have both amounts before confirming as FFCU cannot unlock*

*External transfer limit of $2000.00 per day and $5000.00 per month. These limits are put in place to help limit fraud and to protect both the Credit Union as well as Our Members.

* External Transfers are not immediate and do take 2-3 days to process between the 2 financial institutions


Wire Transfers 

Make sure your money gets where it needs to go. Follow these instructions to wire funds to and from First Financial Credit Union.

Incoming Wires

Wiring from another institution to your account at First Financial Credit Union. Please provide the following information to the other institution:

  • Wire to First Financial Credit Union, Albuquerque, NM
  • ABA# 307083694
  • Final credit to (name of member and member number)
  • Credit to savings or checking (indicate which)

Outgoing Wires

Wiring to another institution from your account at First Financial Credit Union. Please obtain the following information from the other institution (your best bet is to contact your other financial institution directly to assure that you have the correct information):

  • Name of financial institution (bank, credit union, etc.) to credit
  • ABA # of financial institution (also known as R&T number)
  • City & State of financial institution
  • Information on account to give final credit to: account number, name on account, address on account (including city, state, zip and country)

Instant Issue EMV Debit Card

Instant issue EMV Mastercard® debit card gives you access to your money faster! Just open one of our free Kasasa® checking accounts in one of our branches and receive your EMV debit card the same day with immediate access to your money!

Instant Issue Benefits:

  • No more waiting 10 or more days for your debit card and PIN
  • Convenience of having immediate access to your funds with your debit card
  • If card is lost or stolen, new replacement cards are available in minutes
  • Security of having your debit card and PIN in hand before you leave the branch
  • Mastercard SecureCode™ is a service to enhance your existing Mastercard account. A private code means added protection against unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online retailers

Visa® Gift Cards

Finding the perfect gift is hard (let alone going out to get it). Give a gift that everyone will appreciate — get a Visa gift card from First Financial Credit Union!

  • Accepted in store and online
  • More convenient than cash
  • Only $2.50 per card for members
  • Available in any amount up to $750

Register Your Card

Registering your card is important. You will not only be able to check your account balance, but you will be able to replace your card if it is lost or stolen. Your funds will be protected once your card has been registered.

Register Your Card

Reloadable Debit Card

The reloadable Debit Card is a Visa prepaid card, so it does not require a checking account for access to funds. There is no interest rate for charges. Money available for spending is determined by the amount of money you load on the card. 

Each time you use your card, the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your card balance. When your balance gets low, you can add more money onto the card.

Reloadable Debit Card Benefits:

  • Save money by using it instead of paying check cashing fees, buying money orders, and paying for money transfer services
  • Protect your checking and credit by using the reloadable card when making online purchases
  • Use like a credit card, but without the risk of debt
  • Have a safe option to access your money
  • Track spending and add funds online

To purchase your First Financial Reloadable Debit Card, simply stop by any of our branch locations.


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