First Financial Credit Union’s Mobile Banking gives you the power to stay on top of your finances right in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re at school or work, on vacation or at the grocery store, you can access your First Financial Credit Union’s Online Banking account from your cell phone, and even deposit your checks right from your phone!

Mobile App

Look for the icon below to download the app.

Specially designed for your iPhone®, or Android™ phone, our mobile app allows you quick and easy access to your First Financial Credit Union’s Online Banking account – for free! Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the First Financial Credit Union’s Mobile Banking app and you can:

  • Check account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Pay bills
  • Locate branches and ATMs
  • Transfer funds between First Financial Credit Union’s accounts
  • Mobile Check Deposit—Deposit checks on the go with Mobile Deposit. It’s fast, secure and best of all—it’s free! Download the First Financial Credit Union’s Mobile Banking App for iPhone® or Android™ to get started today.

Need to deposit a check quickly? With First Financial Credit Union’s FREE Mobile app, you can electronically deposit checks from an iPhone® or AndroidTM device that has a camera. To make a deposit, sign into your account through our mobile app, it’s that easy! You must be signed up for Online Banking in order to use Mobile Check deposit. Click here for directions on how to sign up for Online Banking

Open our Mobile app! Click here to download the iPhone Mobile App, click here to download the Android Mobile App. Using the FFCU App, click on the Mobile Deposit Icon. Take a picture of the front and back side of your check.

Fill out the required fields, and click “make deposit”.

Wait for the confirmation. Most deposits are available immediately for use. Done! Wasn’t that easy?

Our First Line telephone service gives you 24/7 access to your account via your touch-tone phone. To use this service, you’ll need your member number and a 4-digit PIN/security code (usually set to the last 4 digits of your social security number for your first login).

Call the First Line number (listed below). You’ll first be asked to choose a language option (English or Spanish) Press 1 for English, and 2 for Spanish. The system will then give you the following options. Just listen to the instructions and use the buttons on your phone to respond.

Press 1 for Account Balance
  • 1 for Checking
  • 2 for Savings
  • 3 for Loans
Press 2 for Account History
  • 1 for Checking
  • 2 for Savings
  • 3 for Loans
Press 3 for Funds Transfer
  • 1 Transfer Funds immediately
    • 1 for Checking
    • 2 for Savings
Press 4 for Share or Loan Withdrawal
  • 1 for Checking or Money Market
  • 2 for Savings

Press 5 for Rates

Press 6 to Change Your Password

Press 7 to Make a Payment

  • 1 for Immediate Payment
  • 2 to Schedule a Payment
First Line Telephone Numbers
Albuquerque-area 505-768-7126
Gallup 505-722-7447
Portales 575-359-1263
Farmington 505-327-5300
Zuni 505-782-2800
Toll-free (lower 48 states) 1-800-344-8115
Important Notes about First Line
  • The first time you call First Line, your PIN/security code will be set to the last four digits of your social security number. During your initial call, the system will require you to change this code. You may change your code to any 4 to 8 digit combination.
  • Balances quoted do not include items that have not yet cleared.
  • Should you need to enter a dollar amount, no decimal points are needed. However, you do need to enter both dollars and cents. For example, enter $250.00 as “25000.”
  • Cross account transfers are limited to those accounts which you have designated on your First Line application.
  • If you are making a loan payment, you will use the transfer feature to do so. Once you are in the transfer section, you have two ways to make your payment. If you are making a full loan payment (i.e. the payment amount due on your next payment date), select the “Make a loan payment” option. The system will deduct the next payment account from the account you select, and you won’t need to enter an amount into the system. If you are making a payment that is different from the amount next due (for example, a partial payment), then select the “Transfer” option. You can indicate the amount you want to transfer to your loan account. To download a First Line options card to keep with you click here.

To Access Your Accounts Online

With First Link Online Banking, you can view your account information, transfer funds, pay bills and much more. It’s safe and easy to use. You can view your monthly/quarterly credit union statement online, conveniently and securely through the online banking system (or through a separate login if you wish). Best of all, it’s FREE!

We think you’ll find First Link easy to use, but please e-mail us or call 755-5600 (800-342-8298) with any questions you have or click here for answers to frequently asked questions about online banking.

Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay is a FREE service offered by your credit union. You can access the bill pay system through both First Link online banking and through our mobile app. Not only will you have peace of mind regarding the service’s safety, you’ll benefit so much that paying your bills will almost be enjoyable:

  • Be more secure with electronic bill payments
  • Schedule payments to almost anyone in the U.S. from your electricity company to your daycare provider
  • Schedule multiple payments using the all-in-one payment center
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments
  • Most payments are received in two business days
  • Receive and pay electronic bills (e-Bills)
  • Avoid costly expenses for ordering checks, purchasing envelopes & buying stamps
  • Express Pay Available

To use online bill pay, you must have a credit union checking account (bill payments can only be deducted from checking) and sign up for the service through online banking. To sign up, log onto online banking and click on the “BillPay Center” under the Bill Pay tab on the navigation bar. You will be asked to enter some information (name, address, etc.), confirm the information, then accept our Bill Pay agreement. You are now ready to pay bills! Set up your payees, and you’re ready to go!

Since part of our job is to add convenience to our members’ lives, we offer a host of eServices, that are a fast, secure way to cut down on clutter, make record keeping easier, and care for the environment. Go Green with our eServices electronic delivery service and you can have the convenience of electronically receiving your periodic statements, transaction receipts, and all disclosures and notices related to your First Financial Account.

Safe and Secure

Feel more secure knowing that your eStatements, eReceipts and eDocuments is not a victim to snail mail thieves. Fraud or identity theft often occurs when mail is stolen out of your mailbox. Now, no more worrying about your mailed statement being stolen or lost in the mail. Plus, you’ll receive an e-mail notification that your statement is ready for viewing (note that no sensitive information – like your member number – is included in that e-mail).


Easily have access to view your eStatements, eReceipts and eDocuments through your Online Banking 24/7. You can view your eServices anytime through our online banking. You can also download your eServices (they’re in a PDF format) to your computer or print out a hard copy if you wish. You’ll be able to view your eStatements, eDocuments and eTax Froms a few days before you’d normally receive your statement in the mail.

eStatements are a digital copy of your monthly statement. There is no more need to receive your statement in your mailbox. GREEN IT by signing up for eStatements.

  • eStatements contains the same information as your mailed statement. Plus you will have access to 18 months of statements available to you 24/7 through online banking.
  • eStatements give you access to your check images. Through eStatements, you’ll be able to view your cleared check copies. If a check image is available for viewing, the check number will appear as a link. Simply click on that check number link, and you’ll see an image (front and back) of the cleared check.
  • eStatements let you view multiple memberships with one log on. If you have several credit union memberships (with different member numbers) or are joint on other memberships, you can view all your statements under one log in. We will need you to authorize this, so click here for a printable form to set this up.

How to enroll in eStatements

  • STEP 1: click here to go to the eStatement site. Or log onto and click on the eStatement link on the top left-hand-side navigation bar.
  • STEP 2: Review the eStatement disclosure. At the bottom of this disclosure, you’ll enter your e-mail address (we e-mail you each month to notify you once your eStatement is ready for viewing), your member number and your password.
  • STEP 3: When you sign onto eStatements for the first time you will need to enter your member number and your password. Your initial password is set to the last six digits of the social security number (or tax ID number) of the primary member on the account. Once you’ve entered that information, you’ll be asked to change that initial password.

Note: By accepting the disclosure, you agree to receive your statement electronically. Mailed statements will be discontinued (it may take a statement cycle before you stop receiving your statement in the mail). If you decide eStatements aren’t for you, you can switch back to mailed statements at any time, at no cost.
If you access your eStatement through online banking, you will not need to enter in your member number and password – the online banking system will open a new window that will show your available eStatements.

eReceipts are coming soon! eReceipts are a digital copy of your teller transaction receipts. There is no more need to receive a printed receipt. GREEN IT by requesting a eReceipt at the teller line.

  • Contains the same information as your receipt.
  • Is mailed securely to your email address.

How to enroll in eReceipts

  • STEP 1: After your teller transaction is done let the teller know that you would like to receive an emailed receipt of your transaction.
  • STEP 2: Give the teller your current email address. Your address will stay on your member file for future eReceipt requests.

eDocuments are a digital copy of notices and information that would be snail-mailed to you. There is no more need to recieve a printed copy. GREEN IT by siging up for eDocuments.

  • eTax Forms. Don’t worry about scrambling to find your tax information when it comes time to do your taxes. You’ll know right where they are with eTax Forms. Forms like the 1099 form, which shows dividend/interest income will be available. Just log onto Online Banking or eStatements when you are ready to view or print these 2009 tax forms. They’re right there!
  • eNotices. With eNotices, you have easy access to notices related to your account, like certificate renewal notices, checking account notices (overdraft/NSF notices) and more. You’ll get your information faster through eNotices than you would through traditional mail. Just log onto Online Banking or eStatements to view any eNotices you may have.

How to enroll in eDocuments

  • STEP 1: Let the First Financial representative know that you would like to receive an emailed copy of your document.
  • STEP 2: Give the First Financial representative your current email address. Your address will stay on your member file for future eDocument requests.

More questions on eServices?

E-mail your questions (this is not secured e-mail, so don’t include any sensitive information), or feel free to call our Member Resource Center at 766-5600 (or 1-800-342-8298).

Institution to Institution Transfers

I-to-I transfers is a service where our members can now sign in through our online banking and perform transfers to and from another institutions. So if you have an account at another financial institution, you can sign in and transfer money to that account from the account at FFCU, or you can transfer from your account at the other financial institution to your account here, all through our online banking! The greatest part is there is no fee!

There is a setup process that must be followed to verify we have the correct information. The setup process may take up to 3 days. Below are the steps to setup the others financial institution’s information.

STEP 1 • Institution to Institution Transfers Setup

Once logged into your FFCU online banking click on the Transfers tab and navigate to the Add Remote Accounts tab. Enter the other institution’s information and confirm the information is correct.

STEP 2 • Institution to Institution Transfers Setup

Within 24 hours check inside your Communication Box. This tab is located inside of your FFCU online banking on the upper right of your screen. The first communication reflects the upcoming test penny transactions. You will then need to access the other institution and record the exact penny transactions.

STEP 3 • Institution to Institution Transfers Setup

Within 24 hours, the second communication will come in. It will tell you if the information provided was valid and that the penny transactions were done. Navigate to the Transfers tab and check out the pending verifications. Input the 3 penny transactions, the next window will ask for a confirmation. That’s it! Your added account will now be listed in your transfer to/from list.

People to People (P2P) Payments

People to People (P2P) Payments is available through your online banking. P2P gives you the ability to pay another person without using cash or writing a check. You can send the money to another person by sending it to their phone and email via PayPal. The other person will be notified by either text or email that they have received money and to log on or create an account on PayPal. From there the other person can deposit the money into any financial institution they have. Below are the steps to send money via P2P.

STEP 1 • People to People (P2P) Payments

After signing into online banking click “Transfers” and then click on “Add People”. Add in the name of the person you would like to pay and their email or mobile number. Select whether it is a person or business and click next. Click “Confirm” if everything is correct.

STEP 2 • People to People (P2P) Payments

You can now click “Make a Transfer”, select the account you want the funds to come from, then in the “To” box select the individual you wish to pay under “Other People”. That’s it!