Anytime account access.

Mobile App Q+A

If I use your current Mobile App will I have to download a new app in order to use the new mobile banking?

Yes. The updated app will be available through App Store or Google Play. A notification to update will be on the old app once the new app is available.

I do not like entering my Login ID every time I want to access Mobile Banking. Does your app offer any shortcuts?

Yes, if you want your device to remember your Login ID for your next visit, select the “Save Password” on the login screen before you sign in. If your phone has a fingerprint scanner or Touch ID, you can log in with just your fingerprint. A quick account balance view is also available without logging in at all.

Will I have to change my Login ID or password to use the new Mobile Banking?

Yes, you can now have your own personal username and unique password to log into your account.

Is Mobile Check Deposit still available?

Yes, you can still deposit your checks from your phone with the new mobile app.

What is the new security feature for my debit card?

With the new app, you will have the ability to turn your card on and off at your convenience. Or, if you have lost your card you can turn it off until you find it, or order a new one.

Is the Mobile App free?

Yes. The Mobile App is free of charge*.
*Please note standard SMS Text Messaging and Web Browser application fees from your mobile phone provider may still apply. Please contact your mobile service provider for details.