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Trim the Debt


Trim Your Debt Fat!

2018 is your year to get financially fit! Consolidate your debt and trim down the fat today! Roll multiple old debts into a low rate Personal loan or take advantage of our promotional low rate credit card balance transfer!

Consolidation Loan
Consolidate your debit into a single personal loan to pay off multiple debts. Making your payments more manageable and or making the payoff period shorter.*
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Credit Card Low Rate Balance Transfer
Start saving by consolidating your high interest rate cards with our low 2.99% introductory APR for six months.**
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ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE as of 02/01/18 and is subject to change. Rates and terms determined when loan is approved and can change based on credit factors. Consolidation loan rate quoted is for a specific term, contact the credit union to calculate your term and payment with this rate. Other terms are available at a different rate. Finance charges begin accruing on date of loan closing, and is repaid over the term. **Low promotional balance transfer rate on balance transfers made with one of First Financial Credit Union’s Visa Credit Cards. After the sixth statement you will be charged the current contract rate. Rate for Visa Credit Card is based upon creditworthiness. Promotional offer ends March 31st, 2018.